With a little help from my friends ….

It was pretty exciting day. I actually woke up and took Hannah to school for her first day back since Easter. For those of you who know me well, I don’t do mornings. I have trouble with early afternoon too!

After dropping Hannah off at school, I headed to get a 14″ U-Haul Truck to start loading the gear for the show. Since I bought Murphy 14 I don’t have the room to take my own show and now a truck is necessary. Driving the U-Haul is a whole new lesson in road safety. Seems everyone like to cut off big trucks to get in front. I was surprised by the amount of times a tiny little Geo or Honda would race to get in front of me, cut into my lane and then slam on their brakes so as to not hit the car in front. My thought is when you are driving something that small you could easily be a speed bump to something as big as my truck!

Loading the truck took a couple of hours and I was on the road to Richmond to the River Rock Casino to set for the show. The local crew at the theatre, Allen, Vlad, Ron, Patch and T, were super great and helpful. In the past I would generally just use the local crew but today was different. Today I wanted everything to go perfect so I asked for a little help from my friends. David Wilson, Trevor Watters and Lorena Paradon all came out to help me look good. Quite a task!

With their help I was able to be set up in with so much extra time I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Normally the Heart shaped screen I use for the Shape of My Heart routine can take an hour to set but last night it was up in under 20 minutes! Team Work. My Dad used to say “there is no ‘I’ in “TEAM” but there is in ‘Kiss my Ass’ … Don’t know why I wrote that but I think it’s funny.

Hannah and Lori arrived following Hannah day at school and we were ready to rehearse. David and Trevor seemed to like shoving me in the “stack of boxes” illusion and Lori expressed her dislike for the “cub zag” which is cool (if someone shoved me in a small box and jammed blades and tubes at me I wouldn’t be happy either). Trevor and Lorena even had a chance to play with my Origami. In fact that was one of may big laughs of the evening when i could hear the muffled voice of Lorena saying … “I’ve had a enough, let me out now … hey I’m really scared!”

The organizers of the evening were really organized. That’s something that is quite rare! The show started on time and I had just 30 minutes to perform. I did almost all my favorite bits which meant going at hyper speed. I guess I could have cut effects but I really wanted to do them all. Call me selfish but lately the shows I have been doing are on small makeshift stages with curtains held up by pipes. This was a real theatre with real curtains and lights and I need to do a great show to remind me of what I had until recently.

The show rocked and had just a couple of small technical problems. What kind of problems? Well the Shure E6 microphone I use decided to have “issues”. You see after I made Hannah appear she gave me a huge hugs and basically disengaged the mic cord behind my ear. There was a whole lot of crackle and then after that the sound was intermittent. I had only three routines left and the mic only dropped out a bit but I don’t think it ruined the audience’s enjoyment.

I closed the show with Lori using my new Sony HVR-Z1U video camera while I did Shape of My Heart. It was great ending and the camera was excellent!

Packing was even fun with all my friends to help. The evening passed so quickly. Before we all left we headed into a lounge with a huge fireplace and had a beverage. I can’t seem to get enough of Yellowtail Shiraz lately. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s a really dark purple wine with a kind of licorice and berry flavor. As we sat sipping wine and eating chicken Caesar salad I noticed the next show in the theatre was being advertised. None other than Sarah Silverman who recently got a lot of attention for a video she made with Matt Damon. I have added the video here but if you are easliy offended then don’t watch the video….

Driving home was even easy as I had “gypsy” my faithful GPS to guide me every turn of the way. I got home just past midnight and Lori and I unloaded the truck and when I crawled into bed I fell asleep in minutes … I was super exhausted, sore and the only thought I had was how it was so much easier with a little help from my friends ….


2 thoughts on “With a little help from my friends ….

  1. What else are friends for? I remember when you “roadied” for me in Vancouver – called me “sir” in front of my client…it was awesome (not to mention hilarious). It makes me wish that comedians were that supportive of each other.

    (By the way: another year or two and Hannah may be stealing ALL of your focus.)

  2. Thanks for the comment “Sir”. It was my pleasure to roadie for you. I would do the same for any good friend. My Father said “true friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like Autumn leaves, scattered everywhere.” As for Hannah stealing the focus … rightly so!

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