Put things in persective…

Today, while in the middle of a very hectic week, we took some time to travel to Abbottsford to vist Lori’s Dad, Fred, and his lovely wife Barbara. They moved here from Palm Springs, California a few years back. It’s odd that they are so close and we don’t find enough time to make it over to visit.

Barbara is dying. She has Cancer and is in the final stages and is surrounded by family and friends. You would think at this point in your life you would be focused on YOU, but Barbara has more concern for Fred and his future. Is that what love is all about? Not caring about you and your happiness, but rather what it takes to make your partner happy?

It is fun to watch and listen to Barbara as she recounts stories of the past. Telling her children the origins of their names, the places she dreamed of traveling and the accomplishments she is most proud of in her life.

I guess when you look at the big picture and the stuff and people around you it is a whole different image.

This entry is a whole lot deeper than I intended but I was insipired by Barbara to share my thoughts with the hope you will look around you and find someone to share with too …

In regards to magic I am thrilled about tomorrow as I have a show at the River Rock Casino. I have all day to tech and build the show and although it is only a thirty minute show I will be putting every ounce of energy into making this a show to remember …not just for the audience … but me too!

I’ll tell you how it goes….


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