Everybody out of the pool!

So I had one more day without filming here in Punta Cana. I spent the early part of the day eating, sunning and laying by the pool. It was really quite crowded as the beach was closed due to the high waves. I can’t recall the last time I saw so many sweaty bodies in such a small area. OK, it was when I watched a scene from Caligula on DVD. (lol) When I had enough of just laying around I headed inside my luxurious suite to check my email. NOT! The internet was down and remained so until I left the Dominican Republic. What to do? Well there was always the bar!
Henry, Mary me and Jim in the DR!

I’m not usually an early drinker and I don’t usually drink a lot, but I was bored and to be honest the day, evening and the early morning passed by quite rapidly. I’m not really clear on all the details (like how or when I got to bed) but I must have a had a great time and even danced! I have received a number of emails from people I met (and performed for) and they all seem very positive …
Me and Henry …

Then next morning Henry and Mary met me for breakfast at “first light” and I was on my way home. The first flight went rather fast. Probably because I was still feeling the full effects of the evening before! Upon arrival at the Philadelphia airport I had less than an hour to clear immigration, collect my baggage, clear customs, recheck my baggage and race to gate C29 from A24! Yup I did it with seconds to spare! In fact I was the second to last passenger to board. When they closed the door to the plane it appears they were missing lots of passengers and I had an entire row of seat empty for me to sleep! Yee Haw! This flight was so fast we arrived in Seattle an hour ahead of schedule! How much better could it become! OOOPS …. spoke too soon! I spent the next hour looking at the baggage carousel while technicians worked on it to get it operating. In the end I left the airport pretty much on schedule.

My trip was apparently much better than Henry, Mary and Jim’s return to Florida. Their plane circled Fort Lauderdale until it had almost run out of fuel. The it was redirected to the Bahamas’ where it sat on the tarmac for two hours to take on fuel. Then back over to Florida to circle for another long wait. They left the Dominican Republic at 2:30 PM and arrived home at 1:30AM!

Hannah, Lori, Grandma and I spent the night in Seattle and in the morning we are off to our friends, Ed and Kathy’s, Easter Egg hunt. It’s a whole lot different than any Easter Egg hunt you have ever attended … I guarantee!


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