Did you see that wave?

Today was a full day of shooting that began with a wake up call at 7:30AM… I don’t generally see 7:30 AM and when I do I am usually going to bed, not getting up! We had a quick bite to eat and headed over to Roko Ki to film a few specialty pieces. I did a floating golf club with a very special club called an E21, Henry and I made a golf cart appear in the middle of the fairway, I became a human ball washer and I also did a really cool effect with a pair of sunglasses that floated! Our biggest concern however was not the filming but the huge waves that were crashing into the golf course. Some of these waves were 50 feet in height!

The filming lasted for about seven hours and we got some great footage. We all headed back to the Majestic Colonial hotel where I found out there are hundreds of Canadians! I had a nice dinner of barbeque ribs and then headed off to see a magic show in the theatre here at the resort. His name was Jorge Rodrigious and he did an hour presentation of which I saw about ten minutes. The audience was huge and he seemed to be well liked by the folks in attendance. I then headed out to the disco for some fun. Did I mention I really love the internet? The ability to connect with a loved one and share a special moment is so cool. This Skype thing is the best! You can actually see who you are talking to and nothing is better than that! If you have yet to sign up for a FREE account do it today …

Due to the high winds, wicked waves and safety conditions we are finished filming for now. It appears I have a full day off tomorrow and I think I will spend it a the pool as the beach is closed! One more day here in paradise and then I m headed back to the rain and grey of Vancouver. I kind of lied there, as I am staying over the night in Seattle to attend an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by my good friends Ed and Kathy! Hannah and Lori are going to make the trip down to Seattle to join in the fun. Next stop for me is the Hank Lee’s 20th Annual Conclave in Cape Cod. that should be a blast!


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