Woke up in paradise …

Yesterday was quite a long day. It began with packing and sorting out the magic ideas I was going to be taking on the shoot in Punta Cana. Lori then drove me to Bellingham, Washington to catch a shuttle. Getting across the border was quite fun. I was in a line of cars that was to merge alternately with another line of vehicles. The seven before me all did it perfect, but when it came to my turn, the guy in the car that should allow me in raced up on my side and would not give way at all. I looked at the driver as he was three feet away and he avoided all eye contact like the big truck on his side was invisible. I tried three more tries to enter and finally lowered my window to ask him if he understood the concept that was being employed. His response was not so polite. I gave up my attempt to merge and slid in behind him, which was quite easy as the other two lines of vehicles had watched the entire episode and all were pointing at the guy and making their own varied comments.

Once across the border I sat at the Belligham airport for an hour or so until the BelAir shuttle arrived to take me to SeaTac airport in Seattle. Well I can easily say it was not a direct route to SeaTac. We arrived at 7:45PM and I had boarded the shuttle at 5:00PM. Check in was a breeze with US Airways and I was even treated to business class for the first leg of my journey. I flew into Charlotte, North Carolina at 6AM and laid over there for almost 6 hours. Yes, that’s right … six hours. It is quite a quiet airport at that hour of the morning and I had to fight to stay awake so as not to miss my next flight.

I met a sweet couple on the way to Punta Cana and had some fun doing magic tricks to calm the lady next to me who was a wee bit nervous of flying. I think she said it all when she said ” I don’t know what to do right now … laugh or cry..”. In the end she laughed while her husband held her hand and I spit cards from my mouth!

My evening was spent with a site tour of the golf course I will be playing. It is quite a difficult but gorgeous course. Some of the views will take your breath away and many of the holes will definitely be “ball eaters” to yours truly! We had an amazing dinner next to the course and I met the top folks with Roco Ki. They were a fun group to hang out with and to entertain.

We checked into the Majestic Colonial hotel and my suite is huge and beautiful. It’s a shame I am here alone. I have a huge king size, four post bed, giant shower and two … not one but two Jacuzzi tubs! One next to the bed and the other on my patio! It’s twenty three steps from my door to the pool and last night the band was playing right outside my door …. sweet!

I woke up today and could hear the running water from the hundreds of fountains that are throughout the property. Today is basically a day off as it was really windy yesterday and it is expected to be the same today. To make some use of the day, Jim and I are off to film “local color” for most of the day. This will be me doing some walk around style magic for the local population while Jim captures their expressions.

I am pretty excited for the day and just discovered there is a Sushi restaurant here at the all inclusive resort so I plan to check out their Kani tonight ….


One thought on “Woke up in paradise …

  1. Shawn! How are you? I´m Pablo, from Spain, we met us in the bar of Majestic . You made a lot of tricks for us and were awesome, incredible, you made us dream. We have a photo with you, i´m going to send you it as soon as posible.


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