An apple a day ….

It was a pretty normal Saturday. OK maybe no so normal. We started the day by taking Hannah to her first dentist appointment. Dr. Henry Tom of Third Street Dental is a super great dentist, an award winning magician and a great friend. Before our appointment we met Henry at his offices and headed off to have all you can eat sushi! Hannah loves masago (small fish eggs) and I can’t get enough kani (crab)! We had a huge meal and waddled over to the offices where Hannah had a full dental exam, x-rays and cleaning. It was a lot of fun for Hannah and she especially appreciated the balloon horse, super bouncing ball and purple toothbrush she was given for being a great patient.

I spent most of the afternoon on the internet which was really nice and eventually I bought a new HVR-Z1U 1/3″ 3-CCD HDV Professional Widescreen Mini Camcorder to replace the one that did not work so well the other evening on my corporate show in Whistler. It was a quite a moment when just as I was ending my show with Shape of my Heart the camera died. Truth be told, I was happy it worked at all as when I went to start, the camera shut down during the introduction of the routine. Here’s the really funny part, I have two camera’s and whatever happened to the first camera happened to the second when I took a moment to switch them, which was to insure the folks saw a great show. I can only thank the audience for being so patient and kind with their applause and time. In the end it was a great show with a great audience.

The evening ended with a conversation with one of the guests. His name was Graham and he is one of funniest people I have ever met! My favorite line from him was “the only reason I hate my children is I couldn’t find a babysitter for them and never saw the Terminator in a real cinema!”. If you’re not laughing maybe you had to be there, I was and it was funny!
Graham …yeah the picture is fuzzy … he had a bit to drink ….

Saturday ended with us heading out for some good old fish and chips. I may not have mentioned this but I never found a good dish of fish and chips while I was in London. In Coquitlam and New Westminster we have a dozen great restaurants that primarily serve fish and chips. My favorites are Cod Fathers and Cockney Kings. Odd thing we found out is that most fish and chip houses close at 8 PM. We did find one that was open until 9 PM and raced over in Murphy 14 to dine on a great meal. Well that’s was our normal Saturday … how was yours? Exciting, unique, different or just normal? I hope it wasn’t normal or ordinary …


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