Just when you think …

Posted: March 12, 2008 in life in general

So I have always been a positive guy. I always see the bright in the dark and the good in the bad. If you have ever asked me how I feel I probably replied with “tikitiboo” or “just another day in Paradise”. That’s because I know just how crappy things can really be if I don’t have a positive outlook. I have lived through floods, hurricanes, tornados, the deaths of loved ones, a house fire, car crash, being hit by car, even having a car drive into my house … and every time I knew I was better off than someone else. Every time I was positive…

Tonight someone sent me a link to a video on YouTube that was filmed on Oprah. I don’t usually watch these video’s as I have better things to do with my day … but hey … today I was bored! I am so glad I watched this video. This guy makes everyone else look like a pessimist! Just when you think you are one of the most positive guys in the world … here comes Dr. Randy Pausch. He’s is so positive and has a message we should all take a moment to hear … really!

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  1. Brendan Croft says:

    Thankyou Shawn
    I’m glad I watched that!

  2. Leif says:

    Kind of funny I just posted about this the other day on my blog as well. You can see the original longer talk that this clip is from on my site here:

  3. Elcio says:

    Hi Shawn. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    All the best

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