Tomorrow just like yesterday ..

This staying at home thing is quite weird. I sure am spending a lot of money these days. Last week I bought a new mini Kub Zag illusion for $2800.00 and of course Murphy 13. Today I bid on an illusion for well over $14,000.00. You may recall I said in my last blog I would be happy to spend that kind of money on a prop … not on a vehicle.
Mini Kub Zag
You have got to love the lightening bolt in purple on the front! OK that’s the first thing to go but other than that it’s a nice color and the tubes are bright white which is far different than the metal tubes I have currently. OK, so you can tell I’m making excuses for buying stuff.

What’s next on the list. Well a new kitchen floor and some stain and paint for the exterior of the house. Boy does that sound like fun. I know some of you are already saying, “… but Shawn I love to paint …” well great get in your car, ship or plane and get your cute little fanny over here to paint! After the house looks a little prettier I plan to move to something a little bit more … well a little bit more!
My house …
This house and I are like good friends. We spend lots of time together but don’t really accomplish anything! It’s time to find a bigger house with a workshop that doesn’t have beams in the middle so a sheet of plywood has to be cut outside before bringing it to the shop.

In just a few days I leave for the Dominican Republic to shoot the TV show “Fins and Skins” for the TSN and FOX Sports networks. I have been practicing my golf a lot with lessons from my good friends Ray and Jo Ann Medway. I can actually hit the ball straight and about 175 yards with the number one wood and about 80 some yards off the ground with a nine iron. Don’t ask me about the seven iron … it’s possessed by the Devil … no really! For some reason when I hit with that club the ball flies pretty straight for about 40 yards and ten hooks wildly to the right and attacks anyone else on the course … wanna come golf with me!

This TV show should be a great lesson in humility. I have an ace up my sleeve though as the chief camera operator is my good friend Jim Thielemann! Jim and I worked together on the Norwegian Star where I had the pleasure of having him shoot my Shape of my Heart routine every show in the Stardust theatre. He’s got a great eye for filming magic and I’m sure he won’t make me look like a total “putz” when I have to golf and fish. Below is a picture of Jim and I on my final night with him. He had the girls in the spa make his hair look like mine … I didn’t know until he stuck his head out from behind the camera during the show!
Jim and Shawn (Jim matched my Hair style that night!)
So to close I thought I would help to promote a friends product. Any of you who have seen my close up show on the Star know how strong the effect is where I uncrush a Coke can. Well it comes from the fertile mind of Anders Moden and he is selling the real secrets behind this miracle in a new DVD. Check out the commercial …

Shawn X


One thought on “Tomorrow just like yesterday ..

  1. Shawn,
    I just wanted to let you know when my friend from Sask came out; Your mom ( your greatest fan) gave her on of your CD’s and she has used it in her classroom here’s a copy paste of her comments

    I’m at school right now, but just wanted you to know that my class was just watching Shawn Farquhar’s magic DVD (we’re doing a unit on performance, which includes some magic). They loved it and wanted to see it again.

    You’re the hero of the day!!!

    thanks for being in so many places at once…


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