Introducing Murphy 14 …

For those of you who don’t know me personally ( and why not? ) I think an explanation is necessary before you read this entry. You see, I have a history of buying old, used, crappy vehicles for about a $1000 and then running them into the ground. This has always worked for me as I didn’t get much of a chance to drive having been on a cruise ship all these years. I have always called them “Murphy” after Murphy’s law. The most I have spent was the year my daughter, Hannah, was born. I bought “Murphy 13” for $6999.00 and he lasted almost a full seven years which means about $1000 a year … which is my average!

Well for most of you the thought of spending $19,000 on a vehicle is just normal. For me, I would rather spend it on a new illusion. Today I am the owner of a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder. This is the first vehicle I have purchased that was in the same decade! It’s a nice shiny SUV with new tires and great brakes and a fancy sunroof. Not that we get a lot of sun this time of the year but when the Summer comes I’ll be ready … oh that’s right I’ll be in California for June, Missouri and Kentucky for July and Ontario for August … well it would have been nice to use the sunroof!

At $1.15 a liter for gas it cost over $70 to fill the tank. This is actually good as “Murphy 13” was a 1990 GMC Safari Van and it took over $100 to fill and sucked the gas through so fast I used to go to the muffler to see if it was just leaking out!

Hannah likes the new SUV and later today I plan to see if I can install an overhead DVD system so she can watch movies on the long drives I plan to take sooner or later … lol

Just to brighten your day I found this video on youtube … dreams do come true … really …


3 thoughts on “Introducing Murphy 14 …

  1. Interestingly enough, I ALSO buy old cars and wear them out. Never made much sense to buy a new car, roll it off the lot and have it immediately lose a third of it’s value. Not to mention the higher insurance rates, monthly payments, etc…So, to you, BRAVO!

    : )


  2. LOL……you crack me up man.nice car bro,welcome to 2008.honored to have taken the “farqmobile” to the gorge…miss you much

    Sent from my iPhone at the top of Mt.Charleston,near Las Vegas

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