Hands can be music …

Exploring the idea of music and magic, as I have been for the past few days, I discovered a really fun group of videos I would like to share. Not a huge fan of the music but the idea is awesome.

This is the original idea I believe…

This is a response to the original… (uses editing)

Here is another version not using hands ….

All of these are unique in their own way. I liked that the second video used a remix of the song rather than just copy the original. I also like that the third video although it used the same music used bodies instead of hands to illustrate the song. Why is it that these kids can be so creative and yet we as magicians can’t? Aren’t we supposed to be the creative entertainers of the next generation? I guess history shows that our profession is made up of a few creative individuals and a lot of clones. This would explain why so many magicians still dress like they are Robert Houdin!

Donovan Deschner pointed out in comment in an earlier post of mine that I liked another magic video. In case you missed the comment before I am including a link to that video here as well. This is a great example of how a magic effect and a song can compliment each other without the words being the most important element.

Torn and Restored Card


One thought on “Hands can be music …

  1. Well, once again I must totally agree with you. For an artform such as magic, you’d expect people to ONLY want to think “outside the box”, but instead its a continuous parade of look-alikes, who’s only real claim to fame is that they use a “different colored silk”, or use a different piece of music. And frankly speaking, they should be SHOT. : )

    My biggest pet-peeve are magicians who perform a routine very badly with zero inspiration, but use a piece of music that gives it a sense of emotion and then the magician has the gall to take applause for it. (When in fact it really should be given to the songwriter and/or composer.)

    Anyway, great to read your thoughts. Keep it up!


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