Crime doesn’t pay … but some thieves do get away with things.

Well it didn’t take long for the police in sleepy little Maillardville to find the villains responsible for the “vanishing” Jet Ski. In fact they had also “vanished” another Jet Ski, six outboard motors and an aluminum boat! Now they get free accommodations courtesy of the Province!

I got an email today that a magician was arrested for robbing a cash register from a bar while he was drunk. The bummer is that he is a great magician and is a super creative guy who apparently is just down on his luck. The photo that accompanied the article was really shocking and it made me think just how important it is to have friends around you when you decide to let your hair down. Not that letting my hair down includes robbing a bar. SEE ARTICLE

I’ve been asked many times what magic inspire me. Well I love this video by Darren Hayes called “words”. The song is outstanding and the magic is incredible. I hope you are inspired as I am. Inspired to create your own magic and not to just copy as so many have done recently with my “shape of my heart” routine.

Now that you have seen someone interpret a song and apply it to magic, I ask you why do people like Keelan Leyser have to take the song Shape of my Heart and try to do my routine. I point this person out for several reasons. First and foremost he is presenting it on a Norwegian Cruise Ship, the Norwegian Jewel, where I spent the Summer presenting the real version. Secondly when I contacted him to ask him to stop he said he would as he knew I was performing at Blackpool, where he was last years winner, and didn’t want me to make an issue of it while I was on stage and had the audiences attention. Finally because his reasoning is that he had heard of my routine but had never seen me perform and that he got the idea from watching another magician do the routine, who by the way was inspired by my performance. So stealing the idea from someone who stole the idea makes it OK …

Well that said let the comments begin ….


3 thoughts on “Crime doesn’t pay … but some thieves do get away with things.

  1. well.. firstly I’ve never been a fan of Keelan.. I knew of him when he first started along with the likes of Dominic Wood, and Stephen Mulhern. It’s slightly confusing in that I think EVERYONE knows that routine is yours.. and it’s been discussed lot. I saw you do it at FISM, and it was shown on many sites and on youtube and in some ads for FISM. you shouldn’t perform a key routine like that without at least some background check, and a little checking, or even showing the routine to ANY magician worth his salt would have said.. thats Shawns routine. I know he was mentored and I assume he’s still in contact with a number of key magicians.. I doubt they would have advised him to do a well known routine created by someone else.. what is he thinking about ?? (although I’ve never seen his version..)

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