What an odd day it was …

Started my day a wee bit early as jet lag has me in it’s trance all over again! I went to the golf range and hit a couple of buckets of balls. Yup, me golfing. It’s actually lots fun and I have sore arms and back which means I’m kinda even working out!

Not much else happen today, well expect when I took a short nap on the couch and the jet ski in my drive way which is chained to the fence was stolen!!!!! That’s right, little old me slept right through people driving into my driveway, cutting a huge chain and lock, hooking it up to whatever they were driving and then leaving while hauling away the jet ski. Oh the “new” jet ski! It’s magic!

Tomorrow will be a better day … really …


One thought on “What an odd day it was …

  1. Are you kidding me?! Someone made off with your new jet ski! That sucks. Sorry Man…I was on here looking for your schedule. I know you’re a busy man/magic person, so if you’re going to be anywhere near B.C. in Early April please let me know. I’m visiting my dad’s folks in Nanaimo, and then driving them down to Victoria, and then across to Seattle so they can officially meet my girl. Hope all is well.


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