Manchester, England

Posted: February 25, 2008 in travel

I awoke early for the final time in Blackpool and headed for Manchester. I was to be provided with a Taxi but due to a misunderstanding the Taxi was booked for a day after I was scheduled to leave the hotel. I booked my own transport and headed for the majestic Britannia Hotel in Manchester.
The drive seemed quick and checking in was a breeze. They even had free internet in the room! We went for a walk and did a little shopping and ran into Lennart Green and Shoot Ogawa in the food court. It seems I am always running into Shoot in odd places outside of conventions. I returned to the room to have a nice hot shower and get ready for dinner.

That evening we went to Sapporo Teppanyaki restaurant and had a little sushi and a whole lot of teriyaki chicken. It was great meal and the chef was quite entertaining. We headed off to find a club and a party. Not such an easy task in Manchester on a Monday. We did find a cool/hip club called Revolution with a few people and a whole lot of Vodka. They featured shooter boards of vodka in many flavors. We had a ten shot board and a few drinks on top and grabbed a Taxi back to the Britannia. It was 3 AM and in just a couple of hours we had to be at the airport to catch our flights home. Sure hope this time there is electricity, audio and food…

  1. Jamie Badman says:

    Great Blog, excellent write-up of your horrendous Blackpool Treatment. Just wanted to point out, though, that you’ve got Lennart Green’s name wrong… oh the irony 😉 {glad you noticed … hey thanks for pointing it out Jammy! lol – Steve Farquhar}

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