Manchester, England

I awoke early for the final time in Blackpool and headed for Manchester. I was to be provided with a Taxi but due to a misunderstanding the Taxi was booked for a day after I was scheduled to leave the hotel. I booked my own transport and headed for the majestic Britannia Hotel in Manchester.
The drive seemed quick and checking in was a breeze. They even had free internet in the room! We went for a walk and did a little shopping and ran into Lennart Green and Shoot Ogawa in the food court. It seems I am always running into Shoot in odd places outside of conventions. I returned to the room to have a nice hot shower and get ready for dinner.

That evening we went to Sapporo Teppanyaki restaurant and had a little sushi and a whole lot of teriyaki chicken. It was great meal and the chef was quite entertaining. We headed off to find a club and a party. Not such an easy task in Manchester on a Monday. We did find a cool/hip club called Revolution with a few people and a whole lot of Vodka. They featured shooter boards of vodka in many flavors. We had a ten shot board and a few drinks on top and grabbed a Taxi back to the Britannia. It was 3 AM and in just a couple of hours we had to be at the airport to catch our flights home. Sure hope this time there is electricity, audio and food…


One thought on “Manchester, England

  1. Great Blog, excellent write-up of your horrendous Blackpool Treatment. Just wanted to point out, though, that you’ve got Lennart Green’s name wrong… oh the irony 😉 {glad you noticed … hey thanks for pointing it out Jammy! lol – Steve Farquhar}

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