Off to Blackpool, England

Today we packed and headed off to Seattle, Washington to catch a plane. Normally I would fly from Vancouver but the producer of the event asked me to try to get a cheap flight so I drove for three hours to the US, booked a hotel room for the night, rented a car space and then caught a flight at 6AM to help the producer save a few dollars.

The flight was with American Airlines and it was quite an adventure. This is the first flight I have ever taken that ran out of food. That’s right, I was on the plane for nine hours and was offered a yogurt for Dinner! When Breakfast came around I was lucky enough to offered another yogurt. Well you don’t pay for the meal on a flight, right? Then I settles in to read my new pocket book, Wicked, as I am now a huge fan. Oh wait, The reading light would not work as the electric on the right hand side of the plane was broken. Well you don’t pay for the reading light on a flight, right? I put the book away and decide to watch the movie. Unlike most of the newer planes this was the style where there are several small TV screens down the middle of the plane which makes it hard to see. Well you don’t pay for the movie on a flight, right? Wait it gets better. Once I decide I would still try to see the movie I found out the headphones didn’t work on the right hand side of the plane either. Well you don’t pay for sound on a flight, right? Now I’m not sure what I was paying for on this flight … I thought it was customer satisfaction!

Arriving in Manchester we found our luggage without incident. That’s because we didn’t use British Airways! Once we collected our luggage a friend I had not seen in years approached me to show me his suitcase had my luggage tag attached. Why or how this would have happened I will never know. Later when I open my case I found it had been inspected and several items were stolen from inside. Bummer!

We met our taxi driver, Fred, and we were off to Blackpool! It was a fun drive and Fred had just returned from a cruise so we had lots to talk about during the journey. When we arrived at the hotel it was closed. Richard, our host was woken from his sleep and we were given a corner room in the Gresham hotel. Not exactly up to western standards, in fact a bit of a dive, but the staff was so good it made up for the fact there was no heat or hot water. We went to our room to take a short nap and basically miss the rest of the day!

As evening approached we called a dear friend, Guy Barrett, who drove over and gave us a guided tour of Blackpool and it’s “Golden Mile”. We also went to a casino where I donated a few hundreds Pounds to the local economy. With jet lag getting the best of me, we called it a night.


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