Day before the largest magic convention in the WORLD!

We were awake quite early and went for a traditional English Breakfast. Normally these breakfast rooms are full of guest. We were the only ones in the hotel! This would explain the lack of heat. Richard, cooked us an outstanding breakfast and sat with us for a chat. We then headed over to the Winter Gardens to see where the whole convention would take place. We had a great spot in the magic vendor area … which we thought was odd as we didn’t want a vendors booth.
Winter Gardens
While wandering around saying hi to old friends we met a member of the Blackpool Magic Club, which I was surprised to find out was just 38 guys! Alan Coventry, the treasurer, was an absolute delight. He and I chatted for quite sometime and I was even paid in advance for my services! He and I were both surprised to find out the Taxi from Manchester was paid for by the magic club so I was not supposed to have paid 70£ myself.

I then headed off to buy material to cover the tables of my vendor booth as they weren’t supplied. You remember, the booth I didn’t want. Guy Barrett took us to his favorite shop where the owner gave us a deal! I like a deal!
Vendor’s Fair Room #1
The convention wasn’t scheduled to start until Friday so we basically just hung out, made a trip to JB Magic to see if he had any replacements of the items stolen from my luggage, and had a great evening of food with Guy, Jill and Lisa.

Once again we were off to bed as the jet lag was still killing me….


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