Home for a short time …

Well my trip home was less than perfect. On arrival at Heathrow I discovered that I had somehow not pre-booked our seat allocations and was going to have the joy of a middle seat. Not so bad if the guy next to you wasn’t one of those people who dig their elbow into your ribs in an attempt to gain more arm rest space. He was one of those arrogant people who does not even notice or speak to anyone on a plane unless it is to get something for free. Add to that the fact my “personal entertainment screen” wanted to select its own features like audio books and Enya!

I never slept a wink and ate my meals sitting half sideways in my chair. Seemed every time I tried to sleep the guy would get out of his seat and toss his seatbelt onto me to make room to get out. Well it’s over and the best part was seeing Hannah bouncing around at the ariport tryng to find a way around the security barrier to give me a hug!

Two days of jet lag and I had to start getting ready for my next trip. Oh yeah, I’m off to the UK again on Monday, February 18th. This time I’m flying to Manchester on route to Blackpool. Blackpool hosts the largest magic event in the world. It all happens on a single weekend and will attract 3500 magicians from around the globe. I will be doing 12 sleight of hand shows in a single day, lecturing on the opening night and performing my “Shape of my Heart” routine on the final gala show. Should be a fun weekend.

After that I get a short break to learn how to golf. Ok, I’ve played before but this time I need to look good! I will be filming an episode of “Fins and Skins” for TSN, FOX Sports and Global TV. Other guests for the show have included Booby Orr, Celine Dion and Eric Clapton. I love to fish and have had fun golfing so this should be a fun week. Did I mention I’m filming it in the Dominican Republic!


One thought on “Home for a short time …

  1. hey Shawn, thanks for a brilliant weekend at blackpool. not just saying this, but i thought you was the best performer ther by far!

    love your work!

    next time ya over in the U.K n have some spare time, ya can come stay over at our house if ya want?
    or at least join us for a meal?

    love ya man!
    just cos your things are “easy, and i love easy! haha

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