February 8, 2008 Malaga

Our day started as most by crawling out of bed, getting in the van and driving. We did make one stop to find a bank which should have taken five minutes but lasted about an hour! Once we were on the road it was a short trip to Malaga. For the firt time ever we found our designated hotel instantly. On the other hand, they didn’t know we were coming. I tried to contact our local contact but his phone was not in service. I called the secondary contact who didn’t seem to know who I was! He asked to speak to the desk clerk and when the conversation was done I was told to wait in the lobby as the “Paco” fellow had told the clerk he would call back in five minutes. Well after waiting in the lobby for an hour I had enough and booked my own room so I could put my luggage somewhere.

David and I ventured into the big touristy city of Malaga and went shopping where I saw some pretty cool stuff. I am a bit of a nut when it comes to watches, I own quite a few, and saw some really nice ones. David saw the perfect T-shirt for his son Andrew and I eventually ended up heading back to the hotel to get ready for the lecture.

It was now an hour from the lecture time and no one had called so I tried calling the Paco fellow but now his phone didn’t answer. I tired the original contact number and was told he didn”t even know I was even in Spain! Somewhere in all of this I figured out I had a “night off”. It wasn’t really how I wanted the tour to end but it was OK with me. I was “fine”.

We headed out again to have a dinner. We found a place that served steaks and the menu was in English! It was a great steak and a fun night. This was definitely a tourist area as the meal for the two of us was about 120€ and we were still hungry! To end our time in Spain we took a short walk around the area and ended up having a soft ice cream cone from Burger King. OK stop laughing … it was the perfect ending … in the morning we are off to London and we will have one night to see a show … hmmm my guess .. Wicked!


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