February 7, 2008 Granada

Well it was a fun day. We had started out late from the Monastery on a quest to find food. We found a rather touristy area and were super happy to find a Doner-Kebab house. I normally dislike eating at outside tables unless it is super hot. Today was super hot and sitting outside was excellent. We sat and watched people and even saw what appeared to be a headless man! We then ventured further into the city and looked at all the windows of closed shops. Yup, everyone closes up for Siesta. This is such an old idea and I was really surprised to see it is even in the big cities. I am really surprised the economy is not affected … but hey I’m from Canada.

The lecture for the evening was at the Monastery so it was just a short walk to the lecture hall. There was a great group of magicians including a World Champion of Magic, MagoMigue (Miguel Puga). I am a fan of his magic and we had a great evening hanging out after the lecture and of course had Doner-Kebabs and beers. The evening was lots of fun and we called it a night after making our way to a nightclub that was actually closed …. bummer because it looked really cool. Well tomorrow we are off to do our final lecture in Malaga…
MagoMigue and Moi!
Granada Gang …


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