February 6, 2008 travel day …

Yesterday was another day off and a four hour drive to Granada for the next lecture. Before leaving Madrid we took a couple of detours including a visit to my friend Christian’s magic shop. We had a nice visit and I found a deck of Bicycle Poker 808 in Orange. I am an avid collector of playing cards and have quite a large collection of normal and rare cards. Many of them are custom decks of magicians but I think the center piece of my collection would have to be the unopened deck of playing cards from Air Force One, the US Presidents private plane. Rumor has it the Joker has a picture of Bush …

We had a basically uneventful day full of driving and singing tunes from “Wicked”. Our arrival in Granada was quite late and we quickly checked into the hotel. Well it wasn’t really a hotel, it was a converted Monastery. We rushed off to have dinner and although the food was good the service sucked. Oh they were attentive and everything … they just liked hitting my shoulder every time they passed. I moved several times to avoid the next hit and finally just got up and walked out before I had a severe “angry eyes” moment!

It was the first night of the tour where we didn’t go drinking as I crawled into bed early and tried to catch up on some much needed sleep.
In the morning we plan to check out the city and play tourists.
Christian’s Magic Shop


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