February 3, 2008 Madrid Day of Rest?

Well we crawled out of bed, drove past a few Castles and checked into a hotel in Madrid to rest for two days.  Ok, that was the plan.  

In actual fact we ended up going back to Houdini’s night club and watching a magic show.  There were several table magicians and two stage acts followed by two sleight of hand artists in a very intimate setting.  Everyone was kind enough to recognize me to the audiences and one even went so far as to try to do the show using a fair amount of English.  It was a great evening and we were lucky to get seats for the early show which started at 11 PM!  We were out by 2 AM and home by 3AM!  The late show started at 1 AM . .. these Spanish folks sure do like late nights …

We plan to sleep in and then do a short tour of Madrid in the morning and using “Gypsy” our faithful GPS and will try to see all the tourist sites … 

cimg0465.jpg cimg0466.jpg cimg0329.jpgcimg0469.jpg


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