February 2, 2008 Almendralejo not Badajoz!

Our days journey began as we travelled out of the HUGE city of Madrid on route to what we thought was our next stop of Badajoz. As we attempted to exit the city with our trusty GPS we have affectionately named “Gypsy” we made a wrong turn into a tunnel. Well tunnel may give you the wrong impression. As a child I would hold my breath as we entered a tunnel and would try to hold on until the exit. Good luck with this tunnel!

It was about seven lanes of traffic in our direction and we were in this massive catacomb of on ramps and exits for approximately 30 minutes. All the time “Gypsy” was showing us a map of the surface, that is when she wasn’t just shutting down for lack of satellite reception.When we did finally return to the surface we had left the city far behind and we were well on our way to Badajoz.

Badajoz is on the extreme edge of Spain adjacent to Portugal. Our lecture was to be just for a small group of magicians and was originally planned as a link to a magic convention I was planning to perform at the next day in Portugal. Plans however had changed and I was not attending the event in Portugal so this was one long trip of about five hours each way to teach a dozen magicians some magic.As we neared the end of our journey to Badajoz, “Gypsy” had faithfully lead us to a dirt road in a very rural area which did not seem right to either David or me.

I tried reprogramming the GPS and it kept saying this was the right area. It was quite an unusual area. At one point we even saw a monument of an Espana fighter plane! I took a few minutes to read through all the notes, emails and schedules only to discover we weren’t really going to Badajoz but another place called Almendralejo. With “Gypsy” readjusted we headed back towards Madrid and then off in another direction to our real destination. 

cimg0348.jpg cimg0360.jpg cimg0387.jpg cimg0390.jpg

On our arrival at the hotel I contacted our host who said it was a mistake. He was not coming to my lecture as “he had something better to do” and I should call someone else. I realize it was most likely a language issue and he didn’t mean what was said. I had a bad feeling but I am a positive guy and just put it down to a new experience and tried to have fun.

When I did meet our host and translator they were super cool people!Jose and Jorge took us on a short walk through the city to Wizards Sala de Magia.On the way we noticed people gathering wood and making huge bonfires in the middle of streets! The streets were getting crowded with people all out for a party of some kind.Inside Wizards I was amazed to see such a cool environment to perform magic.

The owner, Jose, has a really first class club and it is quite surprising to me as the population of the area is around 40,000 people. Vancouver has over a million people and has nothing to compare to this club!The lecture was lots of fun and they were quick studies. I took pictures with almost everyone and signed plenty of playing cards and was having so much fun that I showed them a few extra ideas I have been playing with on the tour.

We were then off for something to eat and a drink.Well the food was great and the company was even better. When we had finished eating we went to a club and had a few more drinks. Ok, a lot more drinks. Jose was an amazing host and we could not buy a drink all evening … or morning ..yes we partied until 7AM!

We visited several clubs, danced a bit and did lots of magic. It was an incredible evening and David and I agree we hope one day to return and have some more fun.

 cimg0381.jpg cimg0461.jpg cimg0424.jpg cimg0457.jpg cimg0464.jpg cimg0394.jpg


2 thoughts on “February 2, 2008 Almendralejo not Badajoz!

  1. Ingles

    My English is not very good but I imagine that’s obvious, I just want to say that the experience with Shawn Farquhar and David Wilson was one of the most enjoyable events of my life, I doubt very much that we find someone so humble and good in a lot time, a hug from a friend, and I hope that you will all phenomenal in this life, back when they want, does not lack the hotel, my house is your house.


    Mi ingles no es muy bueno pero imagino que me entendereis, Solo quiero decir que la experiencia que tube con Shawn Farquhar y David Wilson fue uno de los acontecimientos mas agradables de mi vida, dudo mucho que volvamos a encontrar personas tan humildes y buenas en mucho tiempo, un abrazo de un amigo y espero que os vaya todo fenomenal en esta vida, volver cuando querais, no hara falta hotel, mi casa es vuestra casa.

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