February 1, 2008 Madrid

Our day started off by surfing the internet and writing a blog.  Then we headed off in the car.  Leaving the hotel was quite fun as we had parked in the underground via an elevator for the car!  If you have not ridden in your car in an elevator I can tell you it is very odd. 

Once on the road we set our GPS to find us a Castle of two. Our first Castle was quite old and apparently occupied by the Ministry of Culture. We discovered this while exploring the Castle until the security guard asked us to leave. 


Off on the road again and close to the town of Median we saw what appeared to be a Castle. It was either a Castle or a grain silo. We jumped off the highway even though the faithful GPS had no record of a tourist site in the area. After about 30 minutes of getting lost in the twisting streets and alleys of Median we found the Castle. Yes it was a Castle and quite a beautiful one at that. We explored the chapel, dining hall and the main square of this castle before the security guard came to ask us to leave. Seems like a theme huh?

We made our way to Madrid with only one stop to eat. Well I ate an David watched. Not sure why but …My lecture was scheduled for 9 PM. Quite late but the attendance was good and many of the magicians were fairly new to magic so it was great to be able to teach ideas and theory to an open mind.

The lecture facility was beautiful. It is a magic night club for the public called Houdini’s and it is like a miniature Magic Castle. There is a main theatre, a seance room and two close up rooms. I did my lecture in a close up room and it was quite unique as you can see in the photo. Mariano, creator of Melting Point, acted as translator. He is an exceptional magician and I was honored to have him assist me in the lecture.

After the lecture we moved to a smaller room for photo’s and autographs and later saw a presentation by Pablo Segobriga, who is the Master and owner of Houdini’s. Off to bed at 3AM and looking forward to the four plus hour drive to the next lecture…


One thought on “February 1, 2008 Madrid

  1. Hi Shawn

    Wow ! You’ve been busy – looks like you’re having a great time — enjoy !

    Are you attending Blackpool / World Magic Seminar / IBM SAM ?

    Regards from everyone in Cape Town …


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