Valladolid, January 31, 2008

Posted: January 31, 2008 in Lecture tour, magic, travel

Having stayed at the same hotel for two days, we decide to sleep in with no alarm!  How sweet it was to just wake up when I had enough rest.  We ventured out into the city and found a Donair King restaurant and had a wicked lunch.  So much flavor.  We went walking past the bar from the night before and took a picture.  A quick trip to Zara mens wear to buy a few new shirts and the back to the hotel to prepare for the lecture.  

There was an even 20 magicians in attendance and they were a fun group.  Quique, the President, acted as translator and host for the evening.  He is a super great guy and he and his Wife are expecting a baby boy in just two months. He did such a good job as translator that hey laughed at all the good jokes.  Ok no one laughs at all my jokes … they aren’t all good!  Following the lecture we took a group photo and then headed out for Chinese food.  

I love Chinese food.  After dinner I was given lesson on shooting cards, bottom dealing, and a few really cool coin effects.  I love that even after all these years in magic I have so much still to learn.  We called it an evening at 2AM and I am crawling into bed  to get some rest before the trip to Madrid in the morning …



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