Valladolid, January 30, 2008

Today was an easy drive of just three hours to the city of Valladolid.  I’m still not sure how to pronounce the name but they are nice people. David and I checked into the nice hotel and discovered free wifi so we spent a couple of hours surfing the net and chatting via Skype. We then venture into the big city in search of food and booze.  We found ourselves in a Pizza Hut and shared a supreme and BBQ pizza and a couple of Fanta Limon soda pops.  Then came the big test of finding a bar.Valladolid is full of small bars but most look like a local hangout where we weren’t welcome.  We wandered the streets for over an hour until I saw a place that looked perfect.

It was perfect.The bartender was fun and the other patrons were fun too. I did a few tricks and soon had a huge audience of fun people. David happened to have a deck of cards and I did a little show for some new friends from Germany and Spain. Alexander, Louis, Caroline, Evelyn, Desiree and Aitor were a fun audience and we had a great evening.

When the evening ended our bartender Aitor would not allow us to pay for all the drinks we had consumed…and we consumed plenty! I gave him a 40 Euro tip since he would not take our money for the drinks and took a couple of photos and signed a few autographs before we headed for bed.It was only 2:30 in the morning so basically the earliest night of the tour! 


2 thoughts on “Valladolid, January 30, 2008

  1. shaw eres el mejor,cuando vuelvas a valladolid pasate por el bar que estas invitado a todo tu y tu gente,nos inpresionaste con tu magia y tu simpatia,te lo as trabajado mucho y muy bien,telo dira todo el mundo pero eres el mejor jejejeje!!!! un abrazo de parte de AITOR el camarero pasalo bien bye…….. hello!! soy desiree me gusto mucho tu flor y tu carta pequeñita tambien me gustaron mucho tus trucos me dejaron fascinada. eres muy bueno y espero verte algun dia por la television jejejejeje!!!! te mando un besazo y una sonrisa de tu admiradora fiel. pasate por el bar algun dia. 1 abrazo desde valladolid. AITOR Y DESIREE

  2. Shawn, justa as a help I translate you what Aitor and Desiree wrote. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to read it, eeeeasy!!!


    “Shawn you’re the best , if you ever make it again to Valladolid drop in the bar, you and all your people are full invited. You impresed us with your magic and with your warm and friendly personality, you have worked hard and very well. Probably everybody tell you this, you’re the best!! hehehe!!! Best wishes from Aitor (the waiter) and enjoy.
    Hello I’m Desiree, I loved your flower and the tiny card, I also loved your tricks, they amazed me. You’re damn good and I hope to see you some day in TV, hehehe!!! A big kiss and a warm smile for you from your faithful fan. Drop in the bar whenever. Best wishes from Valladolid. AITOR and DESIREE”

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