Oviedo, January 29, 2008

It was a day of David being wrong!  He’s usually always right so this was fun.  It began with a search for food.  He had finally had enough of my schedule which rarely includes eating.  Today we found a Bocatta restaurant which was actually open!  I had told David it was just in the next block and he told me we had already passed the area.  Now David’s sense of direction is way better than mine … but this time I was right because as he finished his sentence we reached the next block and could see the restaurant.  As an added bonus there was a Pizza Hut … oh but it was closed.

After a filling meal of burger and fries we were off to find diesel for the van and see some sites.  We saw some spectacular monuments to people we have never heard of and a real cool fortress.  It was a citadel style fort in very good condition.  I have always been fascinated by forts having constructed many of them in my backyard as a child.Driving on the highway for about an hour David discovered a fuel station so I hopped of the highway and tried to enter the station.  This you think would be easy.  Not.  As I went to enter the station there was a round red sign with a single horizontal white line.  This is a do not enter sign.  So I did not enter and David got all upset that I didn’t go into the station.  I tried to explain he must not have seen the sign and he said whatever, ignore the sign and get fuel.  I went to the second entrance only to find it was blocked with a fence.  I turned around and reluctantly entered the wrong way only to discover David had spotted a service station that no longer operated.  No pumps, no people and no fuel.  Twice in one day he was wrong …  wait it gets better.

When we reached the city of Oviedo it took us over an hour to find our hotel.  The tour book for the lecture did not have an actual address for the hotel.  I called them from my iPhone and the kind lady said “we don’t have an address” it’s a just a big grey building in a roundabout”.  Oh we found a dozen roundabouts and hundreds of grey buildings!  When I finally had a good feeling about one of the buildings I headed straight towards it when David said he had seen a small sign with the hotel name.  So I tunred around and followed these stupid little white signs that ended up being miles from the hotel.  After another 20 minutes I decided to head back to where I had initally wanted to check out … and surpirse …  I was right … three times in a single day …does it get any better?

Yes!  The hosts for the evening Julio and Carlos put us in a magnificent hotel with free wifi!  The room is gorgeous.  In the evening the lecture was held in a church center and they had expected a dozen or so magicians.  30 magicians came and they were very enthusiastic.  In fact they gave me the longest round of applause at the end I have received on the tour.  I took pictures with just about everyone, in fact two with some. The evening ended  as usual at a restaurant!  

This restaurant was outstanding.  We saw people pouring cider by holding the glass feet from the bottle.  It is traditional as it allows the air to enter the cider which makes it taste better.  It’s also traditional to drink the entire portion offered to you …fun night!We had a huge plate of traditional dishes and then did a little magic.  I attracted a crowd, did some card stuff and stole a watch.  By the end of the evening I had met a fellow Canadian from Toronto, a director of a sporting club in the UK who gave me his card and had impressed the owners of the restaurant so much they lined up when we left to say goodbye!

 Fun night.Tomorrow I will sleep in as I have no lecture planned.  Off to the next city … 



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