Santander, January 28, 2008

The drive to Santander was less than spectacular.  The view was most likely amazing as we took a coastal mountain road.  The problem was the fog was so thick it was hard to even see the car in front.  Oh, when driving in Spain in excess of 150 KMHr it is always good to see the car in front of you!!!We made good time and arrived with lots of time to explore the city.  We took an hour to surf the web since the wifi was free and then headed out to have dinner. 

It was around 5:30 PM as we headed out.  To most people this would seem like a reasonable time to start looking for an early dinner.  By 6:30 we still could not find a single restaurant, cafeteria, bar or pub that was open and serving food. Apparently folks in Spain don’t eat until the middle of the night!  Normally this is cool with me but “whinning” David needed to eat.  Geez we ate the night before, what more could one want?  In the end we bought some stale doughnut shaped cookies and a bag of old salty popcorn and called it dinner.


Our host for the evening was Enrique and he was lots of fun.  His English was excellent and his humor was twisted like mine!  He expected a small crowd of perhaps a dozen magicians but 22 showed up.  They were a really quick group and asked lots of fun questions.  After lecture sales were brisk and then we were off to have some traditional food of the region.  I love olives and I can’t think of a meal here that did not include olives.  Oh wait I just did … Dinner with popcorn and cookies didn’t have any olives.

After our late night dinner we headed to a small bar where Enrique and Cesar were apparently regulars.  So regular they didn’t have to order drinks, the bartender just brought them as we sat down!  I had a couple of rum and cokes, which over here they call Cuba Libre’s. During dinner I shared several bottle of a great red wine and a shot of some cherry something or other so by the time I got back to the hotel I was feeling quite fine.  

Tonight was a highlight of Spain! To top it all off I woke up in the morning to sound of crashing waves as our hotel was right on the beach and the surf was quite huge.  I have always loved the sound of water and hope one day to live close to a river or ocean.  I guess that’s why I have always loved working on a cruise ship. 


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