Barcelona, January 24, 2008

Our day started late as we finally slept in!  We did the four hour fairly fast with just one stop for fuel and food.  Once again we hit toll booths.  This day the cost for the four tolls was a total of 40 Euro!  Yup at todays rates thats about $60 for the privilege of driving on a road.Tonight we did a most unusual lecture.  It began with a visit to a private magic museum which was awesome.  I had the opportunity to see the first book of magic ever written in Spanish!  I saw a vast collection of antique magic and made a friend in Jose and Miguel.   

Checking out the Museum

We were then off to the big lecture.  So far on the tour I have lectured first and the went for drinks and dinner.  This night we were treated to a five course dinner of traditional dishes from Catalonia.  It included several semi raw fish dishes and a tasty beef dish that had a suace to die for!After several glasses champagne and a few shots of some liqueur … it was time for me to lecture.  Oh did I mention the group was just seven magicians?  Yup.  Smallest group I have ever worked for and it was a blast.  They were quick studies and had lots of great questions.  My interpreter, Jose, was brilliant and even got the gist of the jokes and was able to translate them for me so I got laughs … unlike several other stops on the tour where they jokes fell flat. 


 Following the lecture I was presented a very special award from there club and finally crawled into bed at 2:30 am.  Good news is I have another lecture here in Barcelona for 50 magicians tonight so no driving today!!!   


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