Almussafes, January 23, 2008

Yesterday we traveled a short distance from Valencia to a wonderfully modern hotel where we met some more super great people.The lecture was attended by about 32 magicians at the local civic center which is also home to a huge magic festival in April.  I have been invited back for this festival and hope to be able to attend in the next few years. The afternoon was spent eating and drinking.  It was an incredible meal of meats, rice, vegetables, bread and wine.  I really wish I was feeling better.  I have a sore throat and stuffy nose.  I believe all the travel and no sleep is getting me sick. The lecture was fun and the magicians had a good time.  I did learn a new Spanish word last night which got a huge laugh.  It appear when I say the word “pen” and add my Canadian “eh” to the end …  it sounds like “pen-eh”, which to you and me would remind you of a pasta dish.  Well in Spanish this means “Dick” so I kept saying ” to distract the spectator I reach for my Dick!” which I am sure would distract just about anyone! The evening ended with dinner in a traditional Cafeteria and some great local food including fried pigs ears.  Quite tasty when you get over the fact its a pigs ear! 


 We left the cafeteria and went to a local bar where just  six of us played darts.  I learned another lesson here.  I suck at darts.  In both games I came in dead last.  I was however having fun watching David Wilson hurl the darts at the board.  I can’t really laugh as he was always in the top three.  Well of course he was, he has an arm long enough to reach almost half way to the board. 


  The evening ended with an attractive young lady asking me if I had plans for the rest of the evening.  Now that was flattering, but I told her I had a date with Wilson! Off to bed and onto Barcelona! 


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