London, January 16, 2008 (Wicked Day!)

Today was a day filled with fun and excitement.  David and I ventured out into the streets of London to explore the vast “tube” system.  In the course of the day we visited Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes), the London Eye, Davenport’s Magic Shop and more.  

s4010169.jpg  s4010143.jpg  s4010183.jpg  s4010200.jpg  s4010198.jpg 

In the evening we went to an amazing little sushi house and I was in heaven.  If you could have only seen my face while eating the Kani. It was a look of pure pleasure only seen once in awhile on this face!  After Sushi we headed to the theatre to see a show I knew nothing about called WICKED.  I had only seen a billboard for the show in a photograph from Times Square that was given to me by a Tina from Australia back in September.  In a word the show was “WICKED!”.

I don’t know how to describe the play.  The music was so engaging and the strength of the main characters was so powerful I was totally caught up in the moment.  So caught up I bought the sound track … something quite odd for me!  One of my favorite numbers is a song called “defying gravity”.  The tune and lyrics are superb but the highlight of the number was when the “wicked witch” levitated into the air to a height of about 21 feet.  For magicians reading this I can say it looked a whole lot like to work of Willie Kennedy.  The shows story is really amazing and I am looking forward to reading the book.  If you haven’t had the chance to see this play … do so soon!  I am already considering going again on the return trip to London. 


It was a perfect day and a perfect evening that was full of surprises.  I have not felt so good in so long.  It was in fact a night I wish could have been so much longer, but as life would have it we had a wake up call for 4 AM and we were off to Heathrow for the flight to Malaga, Spain.   


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