London January 15, 2008 (Pub Night)

So with a heavy case of jet-lag we decided to see a little of London in the daylight and in the evening catch up with friends I have met on the Star over the years.  It was a rather cold day and our first stop was to get David a super cool Black wool trench coat.  Our next stop was to hook up my cell phone as I have become quite addicted to my iPhone.  In the UK it was a simple matter of walking into an Orange store, picking up a free SIM card off a rack and paying for what I thought I would use in services.  Wish it was like that everywhere! 

s4010051.jpg s4010070.jpg img_0104.jpg s4010071.jpg s4010080.jpg

Now that I was once again connected to the world I found out from another friend, Dimitri, that another friend, Sam had just arrived in London from Ireland and it was the day she was moving into her new tiny flat.  David and I offered our services and with the help of a very confused Taxi driver we moved everything in a single trip.  We then headed off to a local pub to try fish and chips.  Service sucked in the Pub but the food was great and I had some drink that was quite good.

We spent the afternoon in the pub and then headed by double decker bus (David’s first ever ride on one) to meet some more friends, Iain and Ashley, at … you guessed it …  another pub. We had a great dinner in this pub and then found another friend, Renee who is apparently now a school teacher here in London!

 As much fun as it was meeting all these folks I sure wish I had planned the trip for later in February.  I have so many friends who are right now on the Star who will end their contracts in a couple of weeks and I am sure it would have been an even bigger gathering at the pub.

David and I had bought tickets for the evening to go see a play called Avenue Q.  We invited everyone to come as the tickets were really cheap but Iain and Ashley already had tickets for the Ballet.  I had never realized Iain is gay!  Ok he’s not gay, he’s just trying really hard to impress Ashley.  We all decided to meet up later that evening … at you guessed it … another pub. 

The show, Avenue Q was hilarious.  I could not stop laughing.  The story is quite adult and I never believed I would ever see “puppet sex”.  David’s favorite character was the one made too resemble “Oscar the Grouch” from Sesame Street.  Instead of collecting garbage he collected PORN.  I guess you would have to see the show to get the joke….

With a quick trip in a Taxi from Piccadilly Square to our humble little hotel we decided to call it a night.  Considering how jet-lagged we were it was a pretty full day of drinking and eating and the occasional nod when the conversation got slow.  Tomorrow will be better if we actually get some sleep … 


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